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Construction of present-day cargo terminal in «Krasnoyarsk» airport

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Construction of present-day cargo complex is the first stage of developing a ground infrastructure in «Krasnoyarsk» airport.

Technical specification for design has been developed by a group of employees with long experience of working in cargo business, including international trainings, jointly with cargo companies' representatives. Invaluable work for building up inner philosophy and inbound logistics has been made by Swiss company SWISSPORT manager Gonzalo Jacob. This alliance afforded us to add best international practices of airfreight cargo handling into cargo terminal construction design, also to customize it to fit Russian practical aspects.

Project was developed by GP «Krasnoyarskij PromStrojNIIProekt» specialists.

Construction of «Krasnoyarsk» airport cargo terminal has began in July 2006.

«Kratos» investment group has been picked as building charterer.

The foundation stone has been stately put by «Kratos» investment group and «Kras Air», «AirBridgeCargo» and «NiponCargo» air transportation companies' management, assuredly that present-day airfreight cargo complex will enable to increase «Krasnoyarsk» airport transit potential for airfreight companies' flights.

It took two years for construction

....... as a result, airfreight complex building has been constructed:

Complex has got the following features:

  • Total floor area of 9402,1 sq.m
  • Total warehouses floor area of 6265 sq.m
  • Roofed space for oversized cargo and igloos storing
  • Following dedicated warehouses available:
    • Dangerous cargo storage depot -17,9 sq.m
    • Radioactive cargo storage depot 8,9 sq.m
    • Cargo with strict thermal conditions storage depot 30 sq.m

Cargo complex infrastructure includes:

- Spacious customer floor
- Office space for air transport process participants

Office space facilities:

  • heating system
  • air conditioning system
  • ventilating system
  • fire alarm system
  • telecommunications network (intranet)
  • Internet connection (fiber-optic line)
  • Krasnoyarsk landline phone line connection
  • 220V electrical power supply

Official opening ceremony of new cargo terminal was attended by Russian Federation Minister of Transport I.Levitin, Russian Federation Minister of Regional Development D.Kozak, Krasnoyarsk Territory Governor A.Khloponin, air transportation company "AirBridgeCargo" Executive President A.Isaykin and "Kratos Group of Companies" chairman of the board I.Katalevskiy.

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Construction of present-day cargo terminal in «Krasnoyarsk» airport